Dawes Rolls (Final Rolls)

The federally mandated Dawes Rolls list names of individuals who were deemed eligible by the Dawes Commission for tribal membership within the Nations of the Five Tribes, between the years 1898-1907.

Dawes Commission, a federal initiative, was named after its chairman Senator Henry Dawes of Massachusetts. One of the objectives was to codify membership within the tribal organizations. The result was the creation of what is commonly known as the Dawes Rolls. As federal public documents they are in the public domain and are free and open for research.

The Muscogee (Creek) National Library and Archives hold numerous publications related to the work of the Dawes Commission. Digitized copies and indexes may be found at the National Archives. Please note that individuals researching Muscogee people will need to look under the word Creek as opposed to Muscogee. National Archives and Records Administration, American Indian Records, Dawes.

While the documents are in the public domain, digitized third party indexing may not be. Researchers should consult with their sources as to citations and attributions regarding publications. The Oklahoma Historical Society has created a searchable index to the Dawes Rolls which is freely available on their website. Oklahoma Historical Society, Dawes Rolls, 1898–1914.



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